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  • One hour weekly group coaching 

  • 30 minute private reading session at the end of program

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • Private Facebook group

  • Healing each week

I'll be honest (always am!), I used to think that spirituality was just "hocus pocus' and that there was no way it could contribute to “fixing me”.


I’ve struggled with mental health my entire life. I tried quite a few interventions of my own in my younger years and I tried medication... lots of medications. Bottom line? I've tried it all sweets.


When I finally started to honour my gifts and began trusting the unknown, my life changed.


And in my expert opinion, I believe we can mesh the scientifically-tested, tried and true approach with the spiritual therapeutic approach. It works. It really works.


So in this 6-week course I’m bringing you everything you need to know to get back on your path and start paving the way for some serious breakthroughs.

Let’s start intervening NOW. 


Over 6 weeks we'll cover all client struggles including: 


  • What do you want to intervene on or get rid of in your life?

  • Healing the mind, body and soul holistically 

  • Energy medicine and crystal therapeutic approaches for all ailments - emotional and physical

  • Healing your own body

  • Understanding your own intuition 

  • Owning your own energetic space - knowing how and when to put up blocks

  • Most importantly - how to love yourself while walking your current path


By the end of this course you will:


  • Know how to connect with your own spirit team and people who have passed

  • How to use crystal therapy to heal your emotional and physical needs

  • Worksheets, exercises, tools to get you through this process 

  • Know how to use energy medicine in your daily life 

  • Have an understanding of why you are where you are on your path and where you are headed

  • Have met a group of strong, inspiring and accepting women who will support your intervention


Week One

Introductions: What do you need to intervene on?

This week is all about creating a safe space. Girl you’re not alone!

Week Two

Crystal Therapy time!

Giving you the low down on how it works and how to use them for your benefit.

Week Three

Energy Medicine.

Trust me girl, you’ll be buzzin’ ! An intense week of reality checks, clearing old wounds and slammin' doors.

Week Four

Working with your own Spirit Team.

Tools to connect with spirit and your guides. Using their messages in our daily life is a game changer. EVERYONE is able to get there.

Week Five

Therapeutic approaches to clearing your path...

Helpful counselling approaches for a true intervention.

Week Six

Healing, Implementing, Final Words and reviewing all that you've learned. 



January 2020