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  • The Mama Care Pack kit contains 5 stones, crystal care information and a pouch to keep your gems in. These crystals will support mama's to be and new moms. 


    *Each crystal has been cleansed and is ready to go! Please note that each stone is unique and will vary in size.  Crystals are carefully hand-picked by Courtney from geologists all over the world.



    Rose Quartz: The "love stone" will provide gentle support with your relationships as well as self-love. It's a feel good gem!


    Green Obsidian: A Courtney fav, this crystal covers anything heart related. It is also extremely helpful for fertility and a smooth pregnancy.


    Turquoise: This purifying stone will support a well balanced lifestyle which is crucial for mama's.


    Moonstone: A stone for new beginnings. It encourages inner growth, strength and has a very feminine energy.


    Labradorite:  This crystal will strengthen your own intuition and knowledge. It's energy will raise your awareness yet keep you grounded.

    Mama Care Pack