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  • The Let It Go kit contains 5 stones, crystal care information and a pouch to keep your gems in. These crystals are targeted towards keeping you calm through any transformation. 


    *Each crystal has been cleansed and is ready to go! Please note that each stone is unique and will vary in size.  Crystals are carefully hand-picked by Courtney from geologists all over the world.



    Amethyst: An emotional life saver, this crystal provides emotional stability and release. It is known for its healing properties.


    Blue Lace Agate: A client favourite, blue lace agate will support you with communicating how you are feeling. It's energetic properties will keep you feeling safe and appreciating self-care.


    Howlite: A soothing stone that teaches patience while working through negative emotions such as rage, anger and stress.


    Snow Quartz: A favourite for anxiety and panic attacks, this will provide you with clarity, truth and heightened intuition.


    Sodalite: This gem will not only keep you protected, it will boost your self-confidence and trust with your own spirit team.

    Let it Go