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  • The Blissful Sleep kit contains 4 large stones, crystal care information and a pouch to keep your gems in. These stones are best kept on a nightstand beside your bed.


    *Each crystal has been cleansed and is ready to go! Please note that each stone is unique and will vary in size.  Crystals are carefully hand-picked by Courtney from geologists all over the world.



    Amethyst: An emotional life saver, this crystal provides a calm and soothing environment to help you doze off in.


    Black Tourmaline: The protection stone keeps negative energy out. This will keep your space clear of toxic energy. These are great in every room!


    Lepidolite: This gentle stone will help you to release energy that has built up from your day. It also helps to keep chaos out and keeps you stabilized.

    Selenite: A go-to for insomniacs, this crystal helps get you to sleep and works to keep you in a deep sleep. You will find your dreams get more vivid while keeping this gem beside your bed.

    Blissful Sleep