Lessons I've Learn't Over 30 Years

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

Hi 30’s! I can’t believe I’m here.

As I sit and reflect over the last few days, I find myself emotional over the amount of love I’ve received. An honest and loving sisterhood showed up for me. I may have built this community, but it blows me away everyday how my clients come together as friends and sisters to show unconditional love and support for everyone we welcome.

A group of girls from my Sisterhood celebrated me hard. I mean, showed up with more balloons than my condo can handle LOL and gave me the best gift a girl could ask for - friendship.

Growing up I never felt like I was part of something. I was always searching for more. Maybe it was that I understood energy at a young age and knew what and who to keep around me. Maybe it was that I always had insight into what was coming and not knowing how to manage it or understand it was tough. I went through friend groups trying to find a safe place to let go where I could just be me. It wasn’t until I was ok with loving myself on my own, that people started to gravitate towards me. Ah, energy is a magical thing.

I’ve learn’t a lot over the years and have transitioned so very much. Here’s 30 things I’ve grasped over my life of ups and downs:

1. Anxiety doesn’t have to be your worst enemy. Say hello to it and learn from it. It’s present for a reason.

2. Boundaries are everything. You don’t have to be afraid to set them. Even if guilt creeps in. Remember - you are doing the right thing for YOU.

3. When you respect yourself, people have no choice but to respect you too or ship out. And thats ok. If they don’t want to respect you, you don’t have energy to give them. Period.

4. The universe always has your back even when it feels like the world is against you. Trust that.

5. There is a lesson in everything we go through. Look for that lesson and what you can takeaway from it.

6. People need your medicine, they need you. And YOU need YOU. Decide everyday that you are going to show up.

7. Walk your path regardless of what anyone else thinks. Your inner being knows the truth and where you are headed. Screw what anyone else thinks of your choices. I mean that. Do what’s right for YOU.

8. Comfort isn’t a good thing. Don’t stay comfortable. Always push yourself to expand your level of consciousness. Playing safe takes away from all the wonderful things that are waiting for you.

9. Release the expectations you put on yourself and other people. We so often get let down from the story we tell ourselves. Tell yourself a positive one and allow room for miracles to happen.

10. Don’t put anything off. Start now. I’ve learned to love taking risks and what has scared the shit out of me, turned out to be some of my greatest blessings.

11. Own your mental health. Take days for you. You have to. If you need a day for you, take it. Please.

12. Your body is a temple. Honour it. It will love you, if you love it.

13. Everything is energy. Literally. Own yours and be careful who you hand it too.

14. Not everyone is going to have the same kind of heart as you. You may find yourself giving more. Do it because you feel guided to and do it honestly. We want to avoid resentment.

15. You can have anything you want, you just have to want it bad enough.

16. Accept where you have been and where you are now. Life is a map and you’ve taken these roads for a reason. If your stuck at a stop sign, pause and get clear on your next route.

17. Find what makes your heart flutter and go after it. Do what feels good. Chase that feeling.

18. Self care is key. We must give to ourselves in order for us to be able to give to others.

19. Give back when and where you can. Pay it forward. Volunteer. Participate. It feels so good.

20. Show gratitude for every thing that comes your way, no matter how big or small. Know that it was meant for you at that very time.

21. Pay attention by being mindful. Being in the moment keeps it real and keeps us out of our head.

22. Love always wins. Always. Come from a place of love and you are honouring you and your personal truth.

23. Always express how you feel. Let yourself acknowledge what that is and then own it. Our feelings are our personal truth.

24. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. You don’t know what they are giving up to be in their winning season. Focus on your journey.

25. Travel is good for the soul. Learning about culture and from other people around the globe is so powerful. It’s powerful education and allows you to grow on your journey through the people and places you experience.

26. Nothing will be handed to you. You’ve got to work for it. And you’ve got to be on the vibrational frequency to attract what you want.

27. Ask for what you want. Spend time asking yourself the question “what do I want”? Sit with it and then go after it.

28. Being vulnerable will heal you. Show people who you are. Allow the room for people to relate to you. It can feel so reassuring in the long run.

29. Just as much as we can put blame on other people, we must take personal responsibility in every situation. Ask yourself what is this reflecting back to me about myself.

30. If you have the ability to - heal others. People will always remember the way you made them feel.

I’m grateful for each and everyone of these lessons as they have encouraged me to be the loving, full hearted gal I am today.

Can you relate to any of these lessons?

Courtney xo