Hey Sweets!

I’m Court, your Modern Day Psychic. 

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Ok I know what you’re picturing now. A bohemian gypsy goddess with her crystal ball and a gateway into the future, plus them lit neon signs. Am I right?

Well thats the picture that most people paint when they hear the word PSYCHIC.
But I’m going to challenge you to open your mind for just a minute. Experience the “MODERN DAY PSYCHIC”.

You were brought here for a reason. So read along.


Now THATS a picture you probably weren’t expecting. I do the majority of my work from home and help people just like you every single day. I don’t use any special tools to do my work, well just WIFI, thats what helps us have a conversation. But as far as helping you, I can do that anytime and anywhere with the help of my guides AKA my spirit team. They are the higher source of energy which relay specific messages to me, so I can then relay them to you. I'm known for stopping people on the street if "spirit got somethin' to say". 

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I knew I was gifted at a very young age,thankfully enough my family and friends nurtured my gifts.

I was really "found" practicing my gifts on a Psychic Network, which is where my magic exploded like a chain reaction. The more people I helped, the more people that came back to me. The word on the street spread quickly. Soon I had a long lineup and started to branch off on my own. I’ve been interviewed, featured, and even worked with Celebrities which is pretty dang cool.

But honestly, I’m just like you. An everyday girl tryin’ to change the world, one energy healing at a time.


I’m different in that I specialize in distant energy work, which makes it super convenient for YOU.

I really help clear blocks that are getting in the way of your BEST LIFE, as well as help you HEAL old stagnant wounds, so I can guide you on the right path towards success. Whatever that looks like for you. Most often I’m helping with career, finances, LOVE, LIFE, and absolutely everything in between.

So HOW do I do all of this? Well, conversation. Thats it.

We chat, I clear energy and offer guidance and prescribe crystals. I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of work that goes into becoming your best self and manifesting your best life. But I’m going to be here for you every step of the way. Every road block, every hiccup, every heartbreak- because you have no idea the beauty that awaits you on the other side.

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