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Hey Sweets!


I’m Court, your Modern Day Psychic.

Ok I know what you’re picturing now. A bohemian gypsy goddess with her crystal ball and a gateway into the future, plus them lit neon signs. Am I right?

Well thats the picture that most people paint when they hear the word PSYCHIC. But I’m going to challenge you to open your mind for just a minute. Experience the “MODERN DAY PSYCHIC”. You were brought here for a reason. So read along.

I live off of WIFI, ENERGY, COFFEE, and CRYSTALS. Now THATS a picture you probably weren’t expecting. I do the majority of my work from home and help people just like you every single day. I don’t use any special tools to do my work, well just WIFI, thats what helps us have a conversation. But as far as helping you, I can do that anytime and anywhere with the help of my guides AKA my spirit team. They are the higher source of energy which relay specific messages to me, so I can then relay them to you. I'm known for stopping people on the street if "spirit got somethin' to say". 

But honestly, I’m just like you. An everyday girl tryin’ to change the world, one energy healing at a time.




Let me share with you how spirit and I run the show. I’m going to give you tons of messages from spirit and answer any questions that you have. I talk A LOT and I’m quick - so make sure to have a pen and paper ready my darlin’. My favourite part of working with you is through energy work. It is seriously my thang and I’m known for my work as a distant healer. I absolutely love working with crystals and incorporate crystal therapy into our sessions. I “prescribe” gems based on what you need at the time and we tweak them as you shift. They are magic - trust me! I feel naked without them. Lastly, I’m going to give you the tools to make some serious changes in your life. Fun fact - I’m a social worker, so the counselling part just sort of comes naturally.

I’m compassionately blunt and will never hide anything from ya. The spiritual journey is tough and so is healing, but I’m here to hold your hand through it. Our call or chat will feel like your talking to your best friend (I hope!) and I will never judge you. I always want you to feel safe.

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